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Sitka, Alaska, God’s favorite place!

February 27th, Sitka wakes from slumber

February 27th, 2007: 16 degrees.. brrrr. And to believe just last week I was walking through a soft drizzling rain in 45 degree weather, studying my emerging tulip and daffodil bulbs. I love Sitka in the winter most anyway it comes, rainy or cold, but I do wish it would make up it’s mind, you know. One week 40 degrees, next down to 16, hello!

Of course, March would most-likely have to be called my favorite month since the herring come in followed by whales, sea lions and more. And the eagles are so excited this month. As they scream outside my window, I could swear they are saying, “The herring are coming, the herring are coming!” I feel like doing the same!

I love the briny smell of the water in March and April as it fills with the herring eggs turning turquoise blue. I love the excitement that fills downtown as the streets fill with fishermen, both local, coming out of hibernation and foreign, coming in to take their share of the bounty.

Sitka in March is like an awakening of Sitka from it’s long winter slumber..


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